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The Village at Crystal Springs is a vibrant, New Jersey resort community in a truly picturesque setting, nestled in the scenic mountains of the Sussex Skylands. Here you'll find a collection of new luxury homes and vacation homes situated in the Northeast's premier four-season residential resort. Conveniently located just 47 miles from Manhattan, this NY Metro area golf resort is complemented by Crystal Springs Resort's 7 award-winning courses, Mountain Creek Ski Resort, 2 luxury spas, world-class dining and wine-cellar.

Whether you're looking to buy a custom built home, a NJ vacation home, investment property, or retirement home in NJ, you'll find a variety of new home styles and floor plans to meet every taste. Crystal Springs Builders offers single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, Estate homes, golf villas and vacation homes.

Plenty of great outdoor sports adventures will keep you active, along with social and recreational opportunities for every lifestyle. There's so much...so close at Crystal Springs--the most sought after resort community in New Jersey.

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  • Escape to . . . New Jersey? 10/16/14

    Anybody who’s lived in the New York metropolitan area knows that life can get a little hectic at times. Between work, commuting, shopping, driving to schools, going to events—there hardly seems to be any down time. We’re constantly surrounded by people and activity. 

    Most of us aren’t going to walk away from our jobs just to get some peace and quiet. But what about a few years down the road when your job doesn’t demand that you live so close to work? Wouldn’t it be nice to get away to someplace quiet and peaceful instead of fighting the crowds all the time?

  • New Jersey Resort Living: Fall Foliage and So Much More! 10/09/14

    It’s that time of year on the East Cost when a lot of us consider making the pilgrimage to New England to view the fall foliage. A LOT of us! It’s gorgeous, but sometimes you get the feeling that there are more people than leaves. 

    If you have a longing to see some spectacualr fall scenery, there are some absolutley phenomenal view that are pretty much right in your back yard. 

  • Is NJ Resort Living Right For You? Look Before You Leap! 09/24/14

    Maybe the idea of New Jersey Resort living really appeals to you. You like the idea of a place where there’s always something interesting to do—anytime of the year. You like the idea of a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the City. Having a place that pampers you and offers you some of the best dining anywhere on the East Coast sounds really great.  But are you really sure you want to make a place like this home?  Maybe that seems like a bit of a leap of faith. 

    We understand that. Maybe you should look before you leap! It’s one reason we offer great packages that give you a real taste of what New Jersey Resort living is really all about.  Here are just a few packages that will help you decide if New Jersey Resort living is really right for you. 

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