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Crystal Concierge Meets Today's Lifestyle Needs

Vernon resident Ann Marie Miskewicz operates the successful Crystal Concierge LLC, serving New Jersey's Morris and Sussex Counties, as well as nearby Orange County, NY.

Miskewicz's services are varied, with the intent of helping homeowners manage errands for which they have no time, or inclination, to handle. "We have the ability, experience and staff to take care of a multitude of tasks designed to make the average person's life just a little easier."

Among the services Miskewicz offers is home organizing, furniture and product assembly and event/party planning. In addition to basic errands such as running to the bank, dry cleaners, and post office, Crystal Concierge will handle personal shopping, internet/library research, taking your car to DMV, coordinating household repairs and even caring for your pets.

"We are a full-time concierge. Our services are first class and designed to enhance the quality of our clients' lives and create something that is almost nonexistent today: free time," Miskewicz said.

For more information, visit, or contact Ann Marie Miskewicz at 973-919-7430 or