David Leadbetter Golf Academy

Crystal Springs Resort New Home to World's #1 Golf Instructor, David Leadbetter Golf Academy

We are extremely proud to announce that Crystal Springs Resort will be the newest home of the world-renowned David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Delivering a philosophy that is flexible to golfers of all levels - from beginner to Tour professional - the Leadbetter Golf Academy has evolved into a global brand that can be found in 28 full-time locations in 13 countries, including five states in the U.S.

The Crystal Springs location will become Leadbetter's primary base of operation in the northeastern United States.

Over the years, Leadbetter has developed a complete line of innovative instructional teaching products and aids. He and his elite staff of instructors have helped countless golfers throughout the world play better, shoot lower scores and have more fun playing the game. At Crystal Springs Resort, the Leadbetter Academy will offer a variety of mini schools, players' schools, retreats, private sessions and improved performance programs.

"The timing of our partnership with David Leadbetter is extraordinary. This relationship follows the remarkable expansion of the Resort with the acquisition of the nationally renowned Mountain Creek ski resort... The pairing of our golf facilities and expertise with David Leadbetter and his excellent instructors is a natural fit," said Art Walton, vice president of golf operations for Crystal Springs Resort. "The ease of access and full array of golf and lodging options at Crystal Springs promises to make this a beneficial location for golfers to fine tune their games."